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Do I need to pay in order to register and use nestcargo?
Registering to nestcargo is absolutely free. After creating a login account you can upload your first 5 chargeable* shipments for free. After this free-trial period expires, you will be prompted to accept our pricing policy, if you wish to continue using our services. For every shipments that receives at least two transport quotes, nestcargo charges 1% on the lowest quote received (minimum charge €2 and maximum charge €10).

*A chargeable shipment is a shipment that has received at least two transport quotes and has expired, has been awarded or archived.
How does the quote collection process work? Do carriers see the identity and the quotes of other carriers?
Your identity (Company Name) is visible to the carriers that view your shipments.

Sealed bidding competition:
Carriers can neither see how many quotes you have collected nor the identity of other carriers that are participating in the quote collection process. On the contrary, you can see the identity of each carrier alongside with their quote and rating score. Every carrier has a detailed profile, where you can view company information, contact details, company verification documents and ratings and reviews from previous deals closed through nestcargo.
Why accept a quote through nestcargo’s platform? Am I being charged if I do so?
You are NOT being charged if you accept a quote through our platform. We want you to close the deal through the platform, so that you can later on rate the carrier. In that way, you improve the quality and credibility of the whole marketplace, as you and other shippers will know which are the best and most professional carriers in the market. This is the reason why we are providing a full profile of each carrier with contact details, in case you need to verify details of the transport before closing a deal with a carrier.
How do I accept a quote and how do I know that the deal is closed?
On the right side of each quote, there are two buttons, a “Select” button and a “X” button. If you press the “X” button, you are dismissing a quote, letting the carrier know that you are not interested in their offer. If you press the “Select” button, you are accepting the carrier’s quote and you are closing a deal with them. In that case, a verification email is automatically sent to each party.
How can I rate a carrier for their transport services?
After accepting a quote, the rating & review button is revealed. After the shipment is delivered, you may rate the carrier on a scale of 1 to 5 stars on three distinct categories, “Quality of Services”, “Communication” and “Financial Compliance”. You may also leave a review regarding your experience from working with the carrier.
What does a carrier’s profile contain and how do I know that they are trustworthy?
All carriers have provided their VAT number to nestcargo, proving their existence. On top of that each carrier uploads company verification documents on their profile, such us transport license, proof of insurance, certifications, etc. A carrier may also upload additional information regarding their company’s track record, contact information and more.
What is the pricing policy? Am I being charged for using nestcargo?
The subscription fees that apply to carriers for using nestcargo are here.
Do other carriers know my identity or quotes?
Your identity or quotes are never shown to other carriers. Only the shippers to whom you are giving quotes to can have access to your company's profile, identity and rating score.
Do I know the identity of the shippers?
When viewing a shipment, you can also view the shipper's company name alongside with the nationality of the company. In case a shipper accepts one of your quotes, you automatically receive an email with additional information and contact details.
Is there a history of the quotes I have given? What else do I know regarding the shipments I have actively participated in?
Every carrier has their own, personal history section on their dashboard. There are all the shipments in which they have participated in by giving a quote. There are subsections such as “Won”, “Lost” and “Closed”. In the “Closed” category, there are shipments that were never awarded to any carrier and we give the ability to the shipper to give a reason for not closing a deal.
Why am I being rated by shippers? Which are the rating criteria?
After a shipment has been delivered, the shipper rates the carrier in order to highlight the most professional companies in the market. Rating score and Reviews strengthen your company's profile, which increases your chances of being selected by more shippers in the future. The rating score is on a scale of 1 to 5 stars on three distinct categories, “Quality of Services”, “Communication” and “Financial Compliance”. Each rating score is followed by a review regarding the shipper's experience from working with you. Rating score and Reviews are available on your company's profile for all shippers to view.
Why do I have to upload my company's verification documents on my profile? Who can view these documents?
Every carrier must upload company verification documents in order to participate in nestcargo's marketplace. Such documents are tranport licenses, proof of insurance, company certifications, etc. Only shippers can view these documents, in order to decide whether they want to work with you or not.

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